"Light is right"

WEBSICO is a publishing company for web publication software founded in Bordeaux, France in 2009 by Olivier Seston, an experienced computer engineer, Matthieu Borg, an enthusiast web designer and Henri Minart, a creative entrepreneur.

Early on they devoted their time entirely to the development and implementation of their eponymous online web publishing tool because they did not find in CMS and turn key services based on the systematic use of predefined themes a satisfactory answer to their daily web publication needs: showcase websites, one page, landing pages, portfolios, prototypes, etc…

Inspired by the motto of Colin Chapman, the designer of Lotus, “Light is right”, they created a tool accessible to all users while meeting requirements of the most qualified.

Websico founders

Behind the scene of Websico

A completely web-based technology

  • Online functionality available through standard browsers.

  • Use of HTML and browsers’ natural capacity to produce flexible pages (no elements positioned in pixels).

  • For the customer, a full HTML/Javascript user interface for the graphics edition, free of Flash, Java or other third party software.

  • A generator producing a W3C valid HTML5 code.

  • On the server-side, pages stored in proprietary format, translated into HTML upon page request, enabling HTML code evolution without intervention other than software updating.
WEBSICO -A completely web-based technology


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