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Use cases

In companies and agencies, WEBSICO and WEBSICO FACTORY meet the wishes of communication, web and graphic design professionals.


Web Designers & Graphic Designers

You wish:

    • Develop your activity by creating more easily your web models, interactive prototypes, web interfaces, web pages, launch pages, landing pages, showcases ...
    • Reduce tedious tasks,
    • And increase your efficiency while maintaining your creative and qualitative requirements.

    UX & UI Designers

    You are dedicated to optimizing the user experience and you want:

    • More easily design many web interfaces declensions,
    • Build functional HTML prototypes and landing pages directly in your browser,
    • Keep total creative freedom,
    • And publish documents with the highest quality.

    Web integrators

    You are in charge of transforming an prototype into a website and you want:

    • Having an interactive and reactive prototype,
    • Faithful to the final result,
    • Which you can appropriate the code,
    • That helps you switch quickly from prototype to web page,
    • By having a fluid relationship with the whole team.

    Heads of digital projects

    You are the conductor of digital creations and you wish:

    • Fluid relationships between marketing, creative and technical teams,
    • Ability to control quality,
    • And meet deadlines and budgets.

    Traffic Managers

    You are in charge of optimizing the acquisition of traffic on a website and its conversion. You wish:

    • Maximize the return on advertising investments,
    • The traffic acquisition will result in effective conversion
    • The landing pages of ad traffic are well prepared to receive it,
    • You and your team can easily create and modify these pages or easily create different versions.

    Web Trainers

    You have the responsibility to train digital creative professionals and you want:

    • Have pedagogical tools to easily transmit to your students a theoretical and concrete vision of digital creation,
    • Be unloaded from the technical management of your students' multiple Web projects,
    • And dedicate yourself totally to their training.

    Web and communication Agencies

    You wish:

    • Be able to adapt to increasingly aggressive competition and to customers increasingly demanding in terms of deadlines, quality and price,
    • Benefit during the pre-sale period of a powerful tool enabling to offer several variations of functional prototypes,
    • And, in the production phase, quickly finalize your project and its publication.

      Integrated communication services for SMEs and large companies

      You wish:

      • Gain reactivity and efficiency by putting effective tools at the disposal of the versatility of internal skills,
      • Reduce your costs by reducing the involvement of external service providers,
      • And to be able to provide each service, product, brand, marketing campaign, event and at each location the website, the launch page and the landing pages that it needs.

      Chief Digital Officers and IT System Departments

      You wish:

      • be able to provide each service, product, brand, marketing campaign, event and at each location the website, the launch page and the landing pages that it needs,
      • fluid relationships between marketing, creative and technical teams and increase their effectiveness,
      • And get better results faster while controlling quality and costs.


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