More freedom and more efficiency for web publishing.

Sketching, Zoning, Wireframing, Prototyping, Publishing,
Only one tool to design your HTML prototypes and websites

Aperçu de WEBSICO


WEBSICO is an open source Wysiwyg web builder to easily build web pages and websites from designing to publishing.


WEBSICO FACTORY is a proprietary solution to efficiently control multiple web projects from a single control panel.

From sketching to responsive and interactive prototype without hand coding

Whatever your final publishing platform, easily build your HTML mockups and interactive web prototypes directly into your browser without hand coding.

Work on the web page, without back office, easily and without limits.
Act simultaneously and without hand coding on architecture, content and appearance.
See a result that builds in front of your very eyes.
Share responsive and functional prototypes faithful to the end result.

Responsive web prototypes

web prototype
From sketch to web page, the most efficient way to put ideas and content online.

Web pages

Switch quickly from the functional prototype to the publication of the web page.

With the choice:

  1. Continue with WEBSICO.
  2. Use another solution.

Web pages

Optimized management of prototypes and web pages

Websico factory is a single control panel to manage all your web projects.

Multiple prototypes, web pages and websites,

  • Optimize their production,
  • Master their quality,
  • Reduce their cost.

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