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As DTP has made easier the creation of printed material, WEBSiCO facilitates web publishing


it works:

Make easier without limiting

Working online with nothing to install, no need of any other software than a standard browser,

Directly on the page, with little technical window,

With no chronological order requirement,

With interactive modifications (WYSIWYG),

Easily, simultaneously and without limitation managing appearance, content and architecture,

With a DRAG'N DROP function to move all items without limitation on the entire page,

With the ability to define elements and styles reusable in all the pages,

Without hand coding, the code generator producing a code validated by the W3C,

While retaining the ability to edit the generated CSS settings, to insert code and to integrate any external element by simple copy-paste.



Efficiency, autonomy and quality

You have an online web publishing tool, reliable and scalable with a quick start thanks to simplified and ergonomic interfaces.

Relieved of programming, hosting and technical tasks, having an online documentation without leaving the current page your efficiency increases without having to resort to multiple stakeholders.

You can easily create an original theme, reuse a previous creation or integrate a design from an external source.
With WEBSiCO you are always free to modify architecture, appearance and content.

You can have an amazing efficiency without sacrificing your graphic originality and overall quality requirements.

Result, whose updates are easy for everyone, is in compliance with web standards and SEO optimization.

It escapes the problems of heaviness, instability, compatibility and security that may result from amalgam of various  imported modules.

An overview what

you can do with WEBSiCO


Full drag'n drop


Automatic menus, unlimited number of sub-levels

Images weight optimization

Images galleries

Forms with customizable input fields

Insert your own  HTML/CSS code

Anti-spam mail link

File download link

Page path

RSS import

Input fields for SEO

Fixed or variable page width 

Drop-down block

Styles administration

Models administration

Selection display


Easy linking of domain names

Customizable URL

Page redirection

Multilingual websites : UTF8 encoding

Reusing previous designs

Automatic and on demand backups

Program updates by one click

Online documentation

Exploration mode

And integration of all widget by simple import of code.

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Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps

MailChimp form

AddThis sharing tools

PayPal buttons and shop

Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo videos

Disqus comments, Facebook connect

jQuery slider

And all those you need