More freedom and more efficiency for web publishing.

Websico benefits



A comprehensive and self-sufficient solution

With WEBSICO, you have everything needed to create any layout from the most simple to the most complex and any content.

You don't need additional tools to work well.

Naturally responsive web prototypes, web pages and websites (RWD*)

Web prototypes, pages and websites built with Websico adapt naturally to all screens ("mobile friendly").

* Responsive Web Design

Real-time construction before your eyes, WYSIWYG *

Work directly on the page (without back office), easily and without limits, on the architecture, the appearance and the content of your prototype, your web page or website that is built before your eyes.

* What You See Is What You Get

A move of all elements by DRAG'N DROP

All elements can be moved by drag'n drop anywhere in the page, without limitation.

Manual Coding Dispensing

The WEBSICO code generator produces a code "on the fly" that dispenses you from manual coding and makes you independent of technical evolutions.

However, you can insert HTML / CSS / Javascript personal or imported code.

A library of editable predefined models

Need a carousel, a header, a footer, a title-image-text block, form, etc.? Import it from the elements bar and drop it to the desired location and adapt it.

Reusable achievements

Your achievements become your own templates.

Multilingual prototypes, web pages and websites

Prototypes, web pages and websites built with WEBSICO support all encodable languages in Unicode UTF8: for example, WEBSICO accepts French as well as Russian or Japanese.
However, WEBSICO does not include automatic translation software.

Easy updates

The ease of use of WEBSICO enables support for current updates internally.

Online documentation

Accessing the online documentation on each interface without leaving the current page.

A SaaS* hosting that brings peace of mind, security, savings

The advantages of SaaS mode *:

  •      No software to download,
  •      No hosting to manage,
  •      Intervention on any medium having an Internet connection,
  •      Changes in the software updates with a click in the administration page,
  •      Automatic and on-demand server backups,
  •      On demand backups on the client machine,
  •      Email support,
  •      Monthly or annual commitment,
  •      A very reasonable cost, with no hidden costs.

* Software as a Service

And many other features to discover.

More results, less effort.



Creativity without limits

  • Creation of an original theme, re-use of a previous work or integration of a theme designed elsewhere.
  • Total freedom of movement, modification and personalization of architecture, appearance and content.
  • Possibility of inserting HTML / CSS / Javascript personal code.
    Possibility of setting the responsive webdesign.
  • Possibility to modify the generated CSS settings.


WEBSICO is not linked to any web operator, small or large. You choose freely your registrars, mail operators, web hosts (except SaaS), image banks, measurement solutions of audience, etc.

Open source

The software of the Web editor of WEBSICO is open source under GNU Affero Public license, a guarantee of sustainability and scalability.

More choices, fewer constraints.




"Light is right"  - Colin Chapman

WEBSICO is lightweight and its technology is totally web-oriented.

  • Software: 4.5 MB per site of disk space occupied, without data, about 20,000 lines of code. Using the natural capabilities of HTML and browsers to produce natively elastic pages (no pixel positioning of elements).
  • Client side: a user interface in pure HTML / Javascript for graphic editing, free of Flash, Java or other third-party techniques.
  • Server side: pages saved in a proprietary format translated into HTML at the time of the page request, making possible the evolutions of the HTML code with no intervention other than the update of the software.


The code automatically generated by Websico is validated by the W3C *; Reported errors and warnings are generally for personal or imported HTML / CSS / Javascript code.

* World Wide Web Consortium


WEBSICO is compatible with major browsers and operating systems.

Reliability and durability

WEBSICO produces reliable and perennial prototypes and web pages based on the basic web standards (html, css, javascript).
They are not necessarily linked to external elements (tools or bookshops) with unsecured durability.


The open source character of WEBSICO is a guarantee of continuity and scalability of the software.

For sites hosted by WEBSICO in SaaS * mode:

  • The hosting is ensured on dedicated and secured servers
  • In addition to automatic backups carried out each night in case of modifications, it can be triggered on request on the server or on the client computer.
  • The addresses of type benefit from the HTTPS security protocol.

* Software as a Service

More reliability, less insecurity.


Cost reduction

Cost reduction of :

  • creation,
  • developement,
  • integration,
  • maintenance,
  • hosting.


Free access to discover the basics of WEBSICO and try it yourself.