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Websico Factory

Effectively build and manage all your web projects

With WEBSICO FACTORY pilot your HTML prototypes, pages and websites from a single control panel.

Optimize production

Rationalize the creation and management of your multiple web publications:

  • Have an overview of all your projects, completed or in progress,    
  • Open a new project or delete it instantly,
  • Archive key projects for reuse,
  • Create a project from an existing project or a blank page,
  • Create your own templates for importing into different projects,
  • Make batch updates of several projects (soon).

Make the most of the skills and reduce publication deadlines.


Master quality

Ensure all your publications publications to have a:

  • valid code,
  • suitable design,
  • optimum display on all screens (RWD),
  • secure hosting.

Ensure the websites of the same brand to have a graphic and editorial coherence.
Make the quality of your web publications the showcase of the quality of your products and services.

Reduce costs

  • Creation,
  • Development and integration,
  • Maintenance,
  • Hosting.

Do more and better by spending less.



In agency or company, professionals who are in charge of multiple Web projects :

  • Graphic designers and web designers,
  • UX & UI Designers,
  • Web Integrators,
  • Heads of digital projects,
  • Traffic Managers,
  • Web Trainers ...

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