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Online HTML Mockup & web Prototyping Tool

HTML mockups and interactive web prototypes

Whatever your final publishing platform, easily build your HTML mockups and functional web prototypes directly into your browser without hand coding.

From the most simple layout to the fonctionnal prototype:

  • Work directly on the browser page,
  • without back office.
  • Work easily and without limits,
  • on the architecture (DRAG'N DROP), content and appearance,
  • without hand coding, while being able to insert your own or embed HTML / CSS / Javascript.
  • See the result that builds in front of your very eyes. (WYSIWYG).

Share online several creative variants:

  • faithful to the end result,
  • responsive (RWD),
  • with a code validated by W3C,
  • compatible with all browsers.

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Du prototype au site web

From prototype to web page

Two solutions to switch from a functional prototype to a web page or website.

1) Continue to use WEBSICO to finalize its content, optimize its appearance and navigation and publish it; this is the simplest and quickest solution.

2) Transpose the prototype to another solution, especially if the project has specific features and / or must be accessible to multiple administrators.
The integrator then benefits from an interactive prototype, responsive, faithful to the final result and from which he can appropriate the code.

What is the point in moving from static models to dynamic models?

  • To replace a static document with a dynamic document that faithfully reflects the final result and fits all screen sizes.
  • To have a "draft" which you can easily upgrade the content, design, navigation and result in several versions.
  • To have an exchange support much more demonstrative than a sketch or a textual description between all the actors involved in the project: client, marketing, graphic designer, developer, integrator, ...
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