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What is Websico?

Breaking with classical methods, WEBSiCO (acronym for Web Site Composer) is an open source online builder that facilitates creation, publishing and management of responsive web pages and websites.

What is the usefulness of Websico?

WEBSICO helps build and publish more efficiently contents on the web: showcase websites, personal websites, one page, landing pages, portfolios, web forms, etc.

It's also a great prototyping tool.

When Websico is not appropriate?

WEBSiCO is not the more correct tool if:

  • You prefer to completely control the code of your pages.
  • You want create an heavy website for which the information has to be organized and presented in different forms and different places on the website, with the intervention of multiple stakeholders.
  • You are looking for a tool for big online storage.
  • You want to create a large E-commerce website.

What are the main Websico features?

To provide the user all the means to create and easily manage a customized website, WEBSICO has a lot of features that meet his design, content and hosting requirements.

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Who can use Websico?

Private, associative and professional life, professional or amateur, graphic designer or web designer, in charge of communication in enterprise, agency or freelance, WEBSICO is particularly designed for those who have a creative side and a strong demand for freedom, efficiency, quality and security.

WEBSICO meets the requirements of the most qualified while being accessible to everyone.

Which browsers are compatible with Websico?

WEBSiCO editor tool is better with a recent release of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Opera.

WEBSiCO est compatible avec les principaux navigateurs

Is Websico available in non hosted mode?

No, WEBSiCO always operates in hosted mode, software and hosting are inseparable.

Open source, WEBSICO is available for free download or SaaS mode.

What are the differences between Websico code generator and an HTML editor?


In the case of an HTML editor, the developer handles HTML files, using a more or less advanced interface. These files can then be read by a browser without transformation. To make changes in the HTML code, e.g., in the case of technical evolution, the developer must go through yet another edition.

With the WEBSICO process, the user handles and stores the graphic layout and contents in a format suitable for WEBSICO, then the generator translates these data to HTML for the browsers.
This method allows the user to more easily control the result and be independent of underlying technical evolutions.



How Websico considers the responsive web design (RWD)?

Websites created with WEBSICO are naturally adapted to all screens (Responsive web design, Mobile friendly).
Screen page adaptation occurs automatically according to width while leaving the webmaster the choice of setting or even disengaging the automation to display a particular item according to width and importance.

The advantage is the same website for all, with the same appearance, which only requires a check and possible adjustment of its behavior in various widths.

This also contributes to SEO quality.

How to link to a domain name?

Your site works instantly with the default URL
If you want your own specific domain name, you must apply to a registrar that manages the reservation of internet domain names (unless you have already one).

In the "Professional" and "Premium" plan, you can then link it to your website.
Once registered, you will find all the information in your "administration page”.

The address "" remains valid.

How can I benefit from the latest Websico updates?

The WEBSiCO version used by your site is static and, excepted in very special cases, you have to update your software by yourself. In the "administration page", you are informed if there is a version of WEBSiCO more recent than yours.

These program updates often include new features and software improvements that you have any interest to adopt.

A simple click to update, simply follow the instructions.

Is the code generated by Websico W3C validated?

YES, the code automatically generated by Websico is generally considered valid by the W3C validator.
Errors or warnings are most often imported code or own code.

Can I reuse the data from a website to another website?

YES, in the "Professional" and "Premium" forms, the user can upload all website data with WEBSiCO; this backup can be used for another site or to restore the current site by uploading it to the server.

These operations are under "backups" on the administration page.
The format of this backup is specific to WEBSICO, and can only be used for websites under its control.

Why Websico operation is not based on the supply of predefined templates?

WEBSICO is not systematically based on predefined templates because it is designed to allow total creative freedom to the user.

However, the possibility to download a few easily adaptable predefined websites is a popular way to start a website.

What about SEO ?

Input fields are particularly useful for SEO of your site:

  • In the administration page: the prefix that will be copied in the beginning title of each page in the <title>
  • For each page in the main toolbar:
    - the name used by the menu and added after the prefix in the <title>
    - the title, added after the name in the <title>
    - the description, which informs the <meta name="description">
    - a free input field for all <meta> which may be considered useful in the head section.
  • each title produces a <hx> tag, where you can adjust the level x
  • the tooltip content of the images is put in attributes alt and title

The cleanliness of the code validated by W3C is also fundamental to the quality of SEO.

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SaaS Subscription

What are the benefits of SaaS ?

With the SaaS mode you get all the benefits of this type of availability:

  • No software to install,
  • No hosting to manage,
  • Intervention with any support with an internet connection,
  • Program updates by one click in the administration page,
  • Automatic and on demand backups,
  • A free 30 days trial period with a full access to all features,
  • No time commitment,
  • An affordable price.

What is the subscription process?

One site = One subscription

Registration requires a valid email address1

The site is open in few seconds with these 4 easy steps:

  1. You make a subscription request
  2. You receive an e-mail with a link to the website creation 
  3. You introduce personal and contact information 
  4. The website is operational.

When registering, the website is created under the terms of the free 30 days trial formula and no payment card is required.

After the trial period, the user chooses the plan that suits him.

The change is done with a single click in the "Subscription" on the administration page.

* Managing your mail addresses and domain names are third party services. Subscribe them with the partner of your choice.

1Reminder of the obligations required by law:

The user agrees to provide true, accurate, timely and complete information about him/herself and the site, as requested during the registration process and update them regularly so they remain true, accurate, timely and complete. 
Assuming the information provided were incomplete, false or outdated, WEBSICO may delete the account.

What provides necessarily a Websico subscription?

All subscriptions have hosting and an unlimited access to all features of the WEBSICO editor.

Can I create a website from a predefined website?

Yes. WEBSICO is not systematically based on predefined templates because it is designed to allow total creative freedom to the user.

However, the possibility to download a few easily adaptable predefined websites is a popular way to start a website.

Does the subscription have a time commitment?

NO, the WEBSiCO subscription requires no time commitment nor notice of breach.

At any time, under "subscription" on the administration page, you can cancel or change the subscription.

What happens with the billing and payment?

The first payment is online, manually made by debit card, the following ones are automatic.

Billing is once a month once a year. 
Invoices can be downloaded online from the client interface on the "administration page”.

How to cancel the subscription and upload data of my website?

The cancellation of a subscription is done by simply clicking in the "administration page”.
The cancellation of the service is effective on the monthly due date for Premium and immediatly for Free formula.
In "Professional" and "Premium" plans, there are no barriers to keep your site on your computer before unsubscribe from our services.

From the administration page, under “backups”, you can upload to his computer all website  data created with WEBSICO; this backup can be used to transfer all data to another WEBSICO website by uploading it to the server.
The backup format is specific to WEBSICO and can only be used for websites under its control.


Why Websico doesn’t accept large downloads?

For everyday  use, WEBSICO gives each subscriber sufficient storage space and traffic capacity for a usual content website.
To preserve the quality of service for all, the size of downloads is limited (seeCGU).
For specific questions, contact WEBSICO.

Hosting, Backups and secured Payment

Hosting: WEBSICO is hosted by OVH, one of the world’s largest cloud operators.

Backups: WEBSiCO has three types of backups :

  • Automatic daily server backup without your intervention (if changes were made in the day).
  • In "Professional" plan, backing up your website by yourself, at your initiative.
  • In "Professional" plan, on demand download of all website data to your computer is allowed. You can use this backup to inject all data in an other WEBSICO website, or to restore the current site, by uploading it to the server. The format of this backup is specific to WEBSICO, it can only be used for websites under its control.

Secured payment:

WEBSICO does not have access to credit card numbers and security codes. We receive only every month the transaction receipt of your payment.

Contents ownership

WEBSICO does not claim any rights to the contents of your websites.

There are no barriers to keep your site, even if you unsubscribe from our services, all contents are your own property.
To do this, you have to retrieve the pages from your website to keep a static version of it and transfer them to an alternative hosting.
The site will be static and no longer benefits from WEBSICO features and services (forms, RSS reader, etc.).

What is the exploration mode?

The "exploration mode" allows you to explore the websites created with WEBSICO, including this one, in simulated edition mode. So are exposed the features, elements and settings that produce the visible results. Each website becomes an example for anyone.

The activation of "exploration mode" (<Alt> + F12 or <Alt> + Click on administration link) lets you fly over the elements and discover the meaning of icons.
Clicking on an item gives access to its update popup and allows you to test a large number of actions and features.
The documentation is available by clicking on the "i" button of the interfaces.

Can the exploration mode be dangerous for my website?

NO, the exploration mode was designed to operate without risk.The "save" feature and access to the "administration page" are disabled. No modification of the site to be explored can occur.
However the exploratory mode can be disabled in the"administration page" of your website.


Where can I get help?


Live demo
Work directly on a Web page

in real life situation.